Today we live in a world where information is rapidly disseminated. The 21st century comes with many innovative products, better service and strong technological developments. Grayle part of this great progress, and with a management team that already has nearly 30 years experience, you can rely on our high quality products and service.

Grayle was founded in 1982 and has its headquarters in The Netherlands. Sales of our products being done mainly to neighboring countries: Belgium, UK, France, Denmark. Since inception, the core range of interconnect products and supplementary materials. Therefore, we can report with pride that we have built. Thanks to this choice now a good reputation

Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction:
With an ever increasing awareness of the deterioration of our living environment, we will be more economical to deal with energy and reduce production of toxic materials. This ensures that becoming aware Grayle in its production process increasingly looking for renewable and environmentally friendly raw materials. In 2006 we have already implemented the RoHS restrictions, and in 2008 we have a whole series of products developed LSZH. The trends for the coming period will not stop, and we will notify you accordingly.

"Care for the present and future plans will be of benefit to our clients and ourselves"
To meet your needs we will serve each client with the utmost care and enthusiasm. In our manufacturing process, we will comply with the international rules, so that the products are reliable and of a high level.