FAQ: What materials do you need to install CAT7?

Does your building already possess an older copper network, and do you want to upgrade it to the newest possible technique?
Then read on!

Required products:
Cat.7 bulk kabel (art: ZN761665000)
Cat.6A keystones (art: ZN62342229 or: ZN62322229)
Cat.6A Wall socket(art: ZN65132319)
Empty patch panel (art: ZN500PP334855)

Why do I use Cat.6A products to install a Cat.7 cable?
All Cat6.A keystones & Wall sockets on the market are already fit to handle higher frequenties (1000+ MHz), but no copper cables existed that could use the same frequenty. Then the demeaning factor was the Cat.6A cable, now cables are still the demeaning factor, however the Cat.7 copper cable is now guaranteed up to 1000MHz!


Assembling a keystone to a Cat.7 cable:
For this guide we use the Zybrnet 10G Cat.6A FTP short width keystone (art. code: ZN62342229 )
Assembeling the ZN62322229 is roughly the same as the keystone named above.

1: Strip the cable of it's LSZH jacket (photo 1) and pull the braided shielding back (photo 2).

3: Remove the foil from the color coded wires and match the color code on the keystone cap (photo 3). Push the wires into the keystone cap to secure them (4).

5: Place the cap with cable on the keystone itself and push it down, remove any excessive materials.

6: Close the keystone by folding the two metal hinges together and use a tie-wrap to secure the keystone. This keystone is now ready for action (You can mount it into an an empty patch panel)!


To install the Cat.7 copper cable to our Zybrnet 10G wall mount, you can follow this guide.

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